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WhiteStone 校区 课后班老师

Master of Arts Dual-Degree Program in TESOL & Foreign Language Teaching (Mandarin) with NY state certification in TESOL and Mandarin; Bella老师取得了美国英语教学和外语教学(普通话)双硕士学位,并且持有纽约州的教师资格证。

New York University, NY, USA

·GPA: 4.0/4.0; Dean’s List

New York City Department of Education New York 

Full-time ENL teacher, Grade K-8


·Plan collaboratively with classroom teachers and teach ENL classes in both Push-in/ Pull out models 有参与教学计划和课程设计

·Creatively implement content knowledge of geography, physics, and social studies in lesson planning and language teaching 


·Incorporate technology in teaching, develop students’ real-life skills such as online research skills and skills of making PowerPoint slides to support presentation making


·Use homogeneous and heterogeneous grouping for different task-based activities to encourage communication for meaning, problem solving, and the exchange of peer feedbacks through teamwork


·Develop mutual respect for, rapport with, and responsiveness to students with various needs and backgrounds, and challenge students to engage in learning in an anxiety-free learning environment 


Central Valley Academy Ilion, NY   

 Full-time OHM BOCES teacher in Mandarin, Secondary school

·Teaching five levels of Mandarin Chinese to students with mixed grade levels 

·Capable of both teaching through distance learning and on-sight 

SUNY Polytechnic Institute Utica, NY

Instructor in Mandarin Chinese, College

·Plan and teach Chinese language and culture to college students 

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