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About Honey

Headmaster's Welcome


What is Honey Academy?

Honey Academy (formerly Honey Art Center) is an after-school that features a dance academy, arts center, and music school with two campuses that span 10,000 square footage. We have more than thirty experienced and licensed instructors dedicated to giving your child the finest academic head-start.

Why consider after-school programs?

To succeed in a fiercely competitive educational world, you must lay a solid academic foundation for your child. Given this foundation, your child will be more than equal to their work, in both school and life.

Junchao Tan

Headmaster at Honey Academy

How will my child benefit from Honey Academy's specialized courses?

Honey Academy's specialized classes prepare your child for great academic success and more. Honey will help your child get scholarships, make new friends, build self-confidence, teach time management skills, encourage healthy habits; and enrich one's soul.


Why choose Honey Academy?​

With nearly a decade of success, Honey Academy has the space, people, and passion to give your child the head-start they deserve.


Each class is led by teachers with specialized teaching materials that foster professional success and personal growth. 

Meet Our Teachers


Ms. Tan

Ballet Instructor

Ms. Hwang

Ballet Instructor

Ms. Li

Ballet Instructor

Ms. Wright

Hip Hop Instructor

Discover, Create, and Excel at Honey!

View our fantastic facilities and meet our phenomenal instructors during your free tour of Honey Academy!
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