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ESL (English Second Language)

Our ESL program provides a supportive and immersive environment for non-native English speakers to build their language skills with confidence. Instructors use interactive teaching methods to enhance vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar, ensuring your child's proficiency and fluency in English.


Watch their self-confidence soar as they quickly grasp English at Honey Academy!

Age Range

Honey Academy offers ESL courses for children of new immigrants. There is no strict age range.


Courses typically occur during our After School programming.

Additional Information

The ESL course creates an English-rich environment, strengthening your child's listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities. By building a strong English foundation, they can improve their English level in the quickest time possible, begin adapting to their new life, and grow comfortable in English-speaking learning environments.

How do I enroll my child?

To learn more, visit Honey Academy’s campus and ask about our English Second Language courses.

Once greeted, you will have a chance to see our spacious classrooms and ask any questions you may have.

You do not have to bring any forms or fill any paperwork prior to visiting.

Grow at Honey!

Have any more questions?
Click below to reach us via e-mail, Direct Message, or WeChat.
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